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Star Dust:

September 10, 2012

Comics Eat Too. Owen and Vince Take a Bite Out of ATL

Following the Atlanta eating trail of movie stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn

By Nancy Staab

The comic duo of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have been cutting a wide-swath through ATL’s dining scene while filming their latest flick, “The Internship” in our fair state. What do their foodie footprints reveal? Read on.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have been filming and hanging in Atlanta for their new film Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have been filming and hanging in Atlanta for their new film "The Internship" out in 2013

Twitter-verse has been ablaze since the comic, odd-couple duo of Owen Wilson, the blonde, surfer-sweet, chilled-out airhead with bent nose and the sarcastic, dark, intense, neurotic, tall-drink-of-water Vince Vaughn (a modern day Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, or Lucy and Desi, if you will) set foot in Atlanta for their latest film The Internship.  The movie, written and produced by Vaughn, documents two downsized, corporate worker-bees who attempt to start over via prestige internships at a high-tech company that’s said to be modeled after Google. Georgia Tech campus is filling in for the Internet behemoth and the lads must answer to a techie, 20-something boss. The movie sounds rife with laughs, even if at the expense of our own tottering economy, and rumor has it that John Goodman and Will Ferrell will also play cameo roles.

Though the lads are set to wrap up local filming soon, they’ve certainly enjoyed our Southern hospitality and eats, while here. See below for a list of where they’ve lighted. Judging from the Midtown-centric haunts of Wilson, we are guessing that he’s bedding at the Four Seasons, while Vaughn’s mostly Buckhead sightings argue for lodging at the swanky St, Regis. It should be noted that Vaughn was in Atlanta recently for another film, The Watch, during which time he took a high-low tour of Atlanta that ranged from the St. Regis bar to Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium. (He regaled Jimmy Kimmel this summer with tales of his late night, competitive, ping pong escapades there). His buddy Wilson also popped up at Sister Louisa’s recently and promptly lost his trucker hat to the owner Grant Henry after losing a match. So far, Wilson also seems to be the more gregarious nightlife-oriented one of the pair, with sightings of him doing jagermeister shots at Two Urban Licks and popping up at the nightclub Opera.

What else can we discern from the boys’ eating map? Wilson is clearly getting solid foodie notes on the city from some local denizen, hitting up obscure but fabulous and slightly off-the-beaten-track nooks like Antico Pizza (where he raved that they served better pizza than in Naples) and the pocket-size, hipster spot Victory Sandwich Bar. He’s also patronized established spots like Holeman and Finch, Ecco, The Optimist, Yeah! Burger and Miller Union. Wilson was even spotted biking and running in Piedmont Park on several occasions (perhaps burning off those burger calories?)

Vaughn, on the other hand has kept a much lower profile, ducking out only occasionally for a bite. We are guessing he’s into the whole farm-to-table trend with his appearances at Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market and Whole Foods Buckhead. Sure, he may like his veggies, but this red-blooded man clearly relishes his carnivore dishes too, having been spotted at STK with a juicy steak and a glass of Cab in hand, according to one of the supermarket tabloids. A diverse diner, he also checked out the Buckhead sushi shrine Tomo.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to have these good-humored gents, who have given us so many brilliant comedic laughs like the classic Wedding Crashers, in our area code. And though we heard that photos are NOT cool if you bump into these fellas in the ATL, they are most happy to have you buy them a shot!


Owen and Vince in their classic flick Owen and Vince in their classic flick "The Wedding Crashers."












Owen Wilson

Biking and running in Piedmont Park

Ecco (more than once)

Two Urban Licks

Antico Pizza

W Midtown


Yeah! Burger

Victory Sandwich Bar

High Museum of Art

The Optimist

Miller Union

St Regis (with actor Jason Alexander from Seinfeld)

Sister Louisa’s

Holeman and Finch

Bookhouse Pub

Smith’s Olde Bar


Vince Vaughn 


Buckhead Whole Foods

Peachtree Rd. Farmers Market

Lenox Square Grill for brunch


Sister Louisa’s (during the making of his previous movie in ATL)