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Star Dust:

September 30, 2011

Lady Gaga Sighted In ATL!

And guess where she hung her platforms while in town?

By Nancy Staab

Twitter was afire when her-lady-of-the-meat-dress, Lady Gaga, was spotted last week in Hotlanta with her rumored new boyfriend, Vampire Diaries’ actor Taylor Kinney. Vampire Diaries is shot in Atlanta and Kinney recently co-starred in GaGa’s music video “You and I,” including a steamy bathtub scene.


















So, think quick…. where would the Queen of all the Little Monsters go locally to get her Gaga on?

If you said karaoke at the tatty-hip, home of Blondie, Clermont Lounge, you are correct.  That’s where she was spotted on Wednesday night.

And what would any armadillo-shoe wearing artist do on a Monday night?  Ping-pong at Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room in edgy Old Fourth Ward according to the blogosphere. Owned by local artist Grant Henry, the lovably eccentric spot is a haven for hipsters and eccentrics with its combo of Jesus and juice—“an art project that serves alcohol,” says Grant. In keeping with its name, the bar is decorated with kitschy church decorations. In fact, word is, that Gaga even fancied a Virgin Mary medallion hanging from behind the bar but reportedly Grant refused to sell it because it would leave the matching Jesus medallion “motherless.” Gaga also reclined, diva-like on the joint’s “Blood-of-Christ Red Sofa.”

Tuesday night, most shocking,  Gaga took in a (wait for it)… Atlanta Braves game. Now that’s radical.