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Fast Fash:

October 22, 2011

Major Tom

Get your Tom Ford fix on the OWN channel this week, and then have him make over your face!

Get unbridled, one-hour access to Mr. Tom Ford on OWN this week—starting Sunday at 8PM—and check out his vampy new makeup line debuting this November



















Fashion designer, filmmaker and tall, Texan drink-of- water Tom Ford brings his open-shirted charismatic self and his chronic perfectionism to Oprah’s OWN channel this Sunday night, Oct. 23 at 8PM  for the debut of OWN’s new Visionaries documentary series. The Tom Ford doc. will re-air Tues. Oct. 25 at 11AM and Wed. Oct. 26 at 9PM EST. (Check your local listings to verify the times. OWN listed the Sunday show at 9PM, but it actually aired at 8PM in Atlanta.)

The 60-minute documentary on Ford follows the former YSL and Gucci designer from the opening of his Beverly Hills flagship store, to the preparation and production of his much-hyped, first women’s wear show under his own Tom Ford label. For this seminal show, Ford upturned all the current fashion rules-- shunning the press; holding it in a tiny, private, gilded-mirror salon rather than the tents at LIncoln Center; and only a select coterie of 100 fashion insiders were invited. 

Instead of commissioning faceless super models-of-the-moment, Ford invited women friends he liked and admired, in all ages, shapes and sizes, to rock his catwalk—from fashion avatar Daphne Guinness and artist Rachel Feinstein, to Marisa Berenson, Lauren Hutton, Beyonce and Julianne Moore. In addition to privileged glimpses of this landmark fashion show, the documentary shows Ford opening up to the cameras like never before. For instance, Ford confesses to a brand of perfectionism bordering on a disease and reveals his struggle with depression following his departure from Gucci--an experience he later translated to celluloid with his gorgeous 2009 film A Single Man. He also admits to taking between 3-5 baths a day (no wonder he can rock the open shirt look so confidently) and even reveals his apprehension about the values that the fashion world promotes :  "I have, sometimes, mixed feelings about what we do because we convince people they're not perfect enough. We promote materialism, which is ultimately not the thing that brings you happiness in the world."

Not to fear, Ford has not lost his sexy edge with a bit of middle-aged introspection. His current women’s wear may embody tasteful sensuality and sophistication more than the brash sexuality of his Gucci heyday of velvet hipsters and gowns slit-to- there, but Ford makes up for it with his bold new Ford Beauty makeup line, available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.  The line, which consists of 132 skin care and makeup pieces, plus two new scents Santal Blush and Jasmin Rougue, debuts this November. From bold advertising images featuring Mr. Ford with purple-nailed model Lara Stone, to the naming of his products—one lipstick is called Lost Cherry, while a vampy nail polish is called Bitter Bitch—this line is fierce and lacquered. Ford channeled 70’s vixens like Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall for inspiration and the look is decidedly made-up. Ford is all for a strong, slightly bushy brow (“for a more youthful appearance”) and using makeup to heighten the architecture of the face via such things as a highlight/contour kit. Eye shadow quads range from mysterious Titanium Smoke and Crush Amethyst to a more skin-toned but still glittery Sahara Haze. The result is very done, movie-camera-ready makeup.

From fashion, to movies (we hear his next project will be an original comedy) and maquillage, Ford has fashioned a luxe new legacy in his own name.




View the Visionaires documentary on Tom Ford on OWN this Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9PM, Tues. Oct. 25 at 11AM or Wed. Oct. 24 at 9PM.  (Up next in the Visionaries series: Atlanta’s own Tyler Perry, as well as Annie Leibovitz, Lady Gaga, James Cameron and

Tom Ford Beauty is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman,  and