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Star Dust:

February 23, 2013

Sip Like Brangelina!

We can’t emulate their fabulous looks, talent or wealth, but we can sip like Brangelina when their celeb Rosé debuts March 15

By Nancy Staab

We knew this was coming….George Clooney recently debuted his custom Tequlia brand Casamigos, and now the enviable duo Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt launch their own wine label, Miraval, on March 15—-with more reds and whites to come in the near future.

Brad and Angie and their French wine-producing estate Miraval. Brad and Angie and their French wine-producing estate Miraval.

I guess life is pretty rosy (or rosé) when you are Hollywood’s most glamorous, and bankable couple. First came their stints as artisan jewelry designers (Brad Pitt for Damiani, Angelina Jolie for Robert Procop, and the couple for Asprey); then artisan furniture makers (Brad’s sleek designs for furniture-maker Frank Pollaro were recently featured in Architectural Digest ); and now the restless duo are entering the wine game.

Brangelina's first wine, a Miraval Rosé Brangelina's first wine, a Miraval Rosé

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will release their 2012 vintage pink rosé, Miraval, on March 15. You didn’t think they bought that $60 million-French estate-cum-vineyard just to hide out from the paparazzi? Seem they’ve also been kicking back and sipping a lot of wine as expatriate land-owners. Brangelina’s new vino is the product of their 1,000-acre wine estate Chateau Miraval in the Provencal region, and, likewise, their wine label will go by the name of Miraval.  (A bit of trivia: the rosé previously produced on the Jolie-Pitt estate by an American winemaker was named Pink Floyd: not only for the rose color, but in honor of the British band who recorded portions of “The Wall” in studios on the French estate!)

The Jolie-Pitt’s Miraval rosé is the first entry in a series of organic reds and whites, based on Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, planned for the estate. The vintages are produced in partnership with winegrower Marc Perrin. Perrin hails from a well-known wine family in France that pioneered organic viticulture in the 1950s and own Chateau Beaucastel in the Chateauneuf-du-Pape region of the Rhone Valley. The Miraval wine will be aged in stainless steel tanks, which “help impart a floral, while lily aroma and brighter flavor notes of strawberry and raspberry,” reports Huffington Post. The team plans to release additional white wines in the summer and reds in the near future.

With their penchant for design, the hands-on Jolie-Pitt duo also contributed to Miraval’s sleek wine bottle and elegant black label. Perrin stated to Bloomberg, “Brad and Angelina are very friendly, nice people and down to earth. This is not just a celebrity hobby. They are thinking long term.” He also added that the celeb couple “are in a search of perfection in everything.”

We hear that the prestigious Wine Spectator is slated to review the vintage when it is released this March. Let’s hope it’s more the wine equivalent of Fight Club and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, than plonk along the lines of Killing Them Softly or The Tourist!