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May 8, 2011

Bill Kaelin

What’s on this sexy sound consultant’s heavy roation

<p>Sound consultant and events marketer Bill Kaelin of Atlanta</p>

Sound consultant and events marketer Bill Kaelin of Atlanta

By Nancy Staab

  • Portrait by Lisa Jordan

This local music and marketing impresario mines everything from dub step to a Japanese-Swedish group for his aural atmospheres

For 15 years, Bill Kaelin’s name has been synonymous with some of Atlanta’s coolest and most cutting-edge events and clubs, including The Atlanta Jazz Festival, Kaya, the marquee hotspot eleven50 (the theater-cum-restaurant and art gallery located in a 1920s theater), and the late beloved Bazaar lounge, where he served as both a co-owner and “the face” of this sultry den. A consigliere of acoustic atmosphere, Kaelin has orchestrated events for major corporations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Mercedes Benz and Turner Broadcasting, as well as fostering relationships with major pop icons such as Prince, Christina Aguilera, his coolness Lenny Kravitz and top stars in the international electronic music firmament. Kaelin once even created an unforgettable event with Lady GaGa and Domaine De Canton. Now, as head of his own consulting/marketing/events business (, Kaelin can often be found advising about aural atmospherics or creating monthly iPod playlists for blue-chip clients like The W, The Gold RoomAurum Lounge, Exhale Spa, The Ellis HotelLivingston, and progressive art groups like Flux Projects and gloATL. So what does this sexy creator of “sonic wallpaper” and owner of over 20,000 songs, from vintage cassettes to mp3s, play in his own casa? Read on for the surprising and eclectic list 

What I Am Listening To Now:

James Blake’s Eponymous Debut Album: James Blake  

This is a weird, tripped-out introduction to the new dub step craze. However, Blake’s remake of Feist’s "Limit To Your Love" is gorgeous and shows how this fairly new genre of music is slowly taking the mainstream by storm.

HOT Track:  "Limit To Your Love"

Alva Nota: Vrioon  

Alva Nota is the stage name of sound artist Carsten Nicolai, who uses art and music to capture creative processes. The music is defiantly down- tempo and is full of ambient soundscapes perfect for a rainy Sunday or for an amazing, thought-provoking gloATL dance performance.

HOT Track:  "Trioon II"

Little Dragon:  Machine Dreams

I am obsessed with this Swedish-based electronic band, who recently went more mainstream by collaborating on the last The Gorillaz album. Swedish-Japanese lead singer Yukimi Nagano has an energy comparable to Bjork and the group blew away Atlanta with their live energy show at Masquerade last year. It reminded me of the glory days of underground club life.

HOT Track:  "Feather"

Radiohead: The King Of Limbs

You can never go wrong with a new Radiohead album.  Great quality work as usual. My gal pal Stacy Topkin swears that Tom Yorke is channeling Neil Young throughout the entire album, and the more I listen..the more I hear it!

HOT Track:  "Bloom"

Lemongrass:  Ambient Land 1 

This all-instrumental, electronic ambient CD is a departure for Lemongrass, who was also featured heavily on the upbeat Hotel Costes house music series.  Borrowing from ambient music pioneers Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream, these CDs immediately put me in an inspired dream state, which is why I also featured them on Exhale Spa’s playlist.

HOT Track:  "Polar Nights"


’70s AM Gold Singer/Songwriters i.e. Yacht Rock:  

Give me a road trip or a clean-the-house day and I can guarantee you I will be blasting some Steely Dan, Gerry Rafferty, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Al Stewart, Ambrosia, Eagles, Little River Band and Peter Frampton. This is the music of my youth and represents long summers in the sun and simpler days.


She is the Queen, My Muse, My Mentor, My Inspiration...My Elvis.