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October 9, 2012

High Museum’s “Fast Forward” Brings Modern Art to the Forefront

Modern Art is the focus of the exhibition with a special installation by contemporary art star Sarah Sze

By Nancy Staab

The latest collaboration between MoMA and the High Museum of Art focuses on major modern works from Dali to Duchamp, Picasso to Pollock, and de Kooning to Koons.

Willem de Kooning's Willem de Kooning's "Woman" 1950


















Modern art from 1913 to the present gets the spotlight with the latest exhibit at the High Museum of Art in conjunction with Museum of Modern Art in New York City (MoMA). This is a vast, varied, messy period of art history that encapsulates everything from the surreal canvases of Salvador Dali to the drips of Jackson Pollock; the benday dot, comic-book-like renderings of Roy Lichtenstein to the luscious, yet monstrous abstract nudes of  Willem de Kooning or the floating color planes of Mark Rothko. And who can do a survey of modern art without glancing at heavy-hitters like Pop artist Andy Warhol and his acolyte Jeff Koons? All these artists and many more are well represented in the upcoming “Fast Forward: Modern Moments 1913 to 2013” exhibit. 

Artist Sarah Sze Artist Sarah Sze

In order to organize the gloriously messy artistic chaos, the exhibit examines six slices of time in art history—the years 1913, 1929, 1950, 1961, 1988 and today. Lots of momentous historical periods are also spanned in this exhibit, such as the Great Depression, post-war American prosperity, the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis and fall of the Berlin Wall. 

The contemporary period in art history is most interestingly represented by New York-based artist Sarah Sze. Sze has not only been the recipient of the MacArthur “genius grant,” but she was also selected to represent America at the prestigious 2013 Venice Biennale. Village Voice art critic Jerry Saltz writes: “Sarah Sze is a creator and destroyer of worlds, an explorer of fantastical hyper-space, a mapper of interstices, a maker of mutating topographies and a supreme anal-retentive warrior princess of multiplicity.” Sze also created a unique installation piece for the High--a soaring, gravity-defying mini cosmos constructed of random everyday particles like plastic bottles, painted rocks, measuring tape, even a Delta boarding pass.   

All told, we suggest you fast forward to the High, since this is one of the largest surveys of twentieth-century art to ever be exhibited in the southeast.

“Fast Forward: Modern Moment 1913 to 2013” will be on exhibit Oct. 13 to Jan. 20 at The High Museum of Art,

A past work by Sarah Sze A past work by Sarah Sze