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December 20, 2011

Holiday Gallery Hopping

Where to guide your aesthetic eye this month

By Nancy Staab

Scott Ingram masters the drip at Emily Amy Gallery, while little pink, orange and blue houses rule at Barbara Archer Gallery, and vintage photos abound at Jackson Fine Art’s holiday show

Scott Ingram: Cusp at Emily Amy Gallery

A nail polish drawing by Scott Ingram A nail polish drawing by Scott Ingram

Renowned Atlanta artist Scott Ingram brings his famed nail polish drawings for his first solo show at Emily Amy Gallery through Jan. 28. Appealing to the right and left brain with their sheer joy of color and also geometry of lines and grids, these images tend to stop viewers in their tracks. Simple yet complex, controlled yet unscripted, Ingram plans the lines, spacing and color to some degree, but in the end the dripping color tracks are self-determined in their paths. Inspired by Ellsworth Kelly’s “automatic drawings” as well as the works of Frank Stella and Kenneth Noland, these works clearly riff on the modernist canon.

But there’s also another intriguing element. They drawings are made with real nail polish. Ingram explains, “I had thought about using model car enamels, but the nail polish being a ‘feminine’ material was simultaneously sexually charged in the completely opposite way as the ‘masculine’ hot rod and sports car enamels. I felt the drawings were moving in a direction that directly reflected the cocaine culture of the art, fashion and celebrity world with the stiletto thin lines.”

Fashion and serious modern art referenced in the same work? We’ll take it! Emily Amy Gallery, 1000 Marietta Street, 404.877.5626,


Beverly Buchanan: Home Place at Barbara Archer Gallery

The Sprit Doctor's House by Beverly Buchanan The Sprit Doctor's House by Beverly Buchanan

We are enchanted by these little model houses by Athens, Georgia, artist Beverly Buchanan. Reminiscent of the sharecropper shacks that she grew up with in the South, they also speak to human (and architetural) resiliency and integrity. Perfect in their imperfectness and charmingly individualized, these are not architecturally precise re-creations, but better than that: houses re-built out of memory and love. Our fave is the cheerful, multi-colored Spirit Doctor’s house (shown),  which was a survivor of a South Florida hurricane. Buchanan’s model houses, as well as color drawings, are on show through Jan. 28, 2012.

Barbara Archer Gallery, 280 Elizabeth St., 404.523.1845,


Jackson Fine Art Holiday Show

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Gift your loved one with the enduring value of art this holiday season. Jackson Fine Art Gallery, located in Buckhead, is packed with indelible, vintage images of Jackie Kennedy, Paul Newman, Grace Kelly, Muhammad Ali, Elvis and circa Oceans 11 The Rat Pack for their holiday curated show, through Dec. 23 . Or spring for something unabashedly romantic and more modern like Harry Benson’s Berlin Kiss circa 1996.  Also on view currently at Jackson:  Paper-Cut-Project’s sculpture-esque paper wigs and photos from their December Italian Vogue collaboration with photographer Greg Lotus and decidedly modern-day odalisques by photographer Lalla Essaydi.

Jackson Fine Art, 3115 East Shadowlawn Ave., 404.233.3739 or