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October 8, 2012

Clubby Lounge and Dining Lair, Article 14, Is Now Open in Midtown

Article 14 says you have the right to mix your own Manhattans and power-dine like a fat cat lawyer!

By Nancy Staab

The second, but separate establishment from the Legacy Restaurant team behind Olmsted is now open, adding serious cocktails and dinner service to the mix, as well as lunch, in the former Trois bar/lounge space.

We are not sure of the meaning behind the moniker “Article 14,” but given that the space is obviously catering, like sister restaurant Olmsted, to the attorney set of King & Spalding, housed in the same 1180 Peachtree building as Article 14---with other law firms nearby—the name probably has a legal significance.  Based on the watering hole, itself, we think Article 14 connotes your right to mix your own Manhattans and power dine like a fat-cat lawyer!

The clubby, masculine atmosphere of Article 14 certainly invites this comparison. Its long, horizontal space is plush with red velvet chairs, curvy black leather banquettes, a glowing back-lit bar, a wall of windows overlooking bustling Midtown, and a crimson red “Wall of Fame,” boasting the portraits of many of Atlanta’s top legal eagles by local artist William Rossoto.  The highlight of the well-stocked bar: the ability to customize your own Manhattan with various whiskeys, ryes, scotches and bourbons; varieties of bitters; Vermouths; and garnishes like the classic Maraschino cherry, or perhaps orange or lime peels instead.

And what’s on the menu, crafted by chef Bernie McDonough, who also helms Olmsted upstairs? Well, for dinner there’s some serious American bistro fare that will stick to your ribs and help absorb all those Manhattan fumes, like a bone-in strip steak with classic steakhouse sides of creamed spinach and roasted fingerling potatoes;  seared scallops with grilled corm pudding and a bacon shallot jam; sorghum glazed Berkshire pork chop with sweet potato gratin, bourbon, peach and pepper butter; and a vegetarian, but not exactly low-cal, baked stuffed butternut squash with gruyere bread pudding. For more delicate appetites there’s some salads on the menu but even these can be manned up with “right to assemble” add-ons like sirloin, salmon, chicken or grilled quail. And the appetizers: manly bacon-wrapped and blue cheese stuffed dates or how about The Chairman’s Steak Tartare topped with a quail’s egg.

Get the picture? This is a posh spot for hammering out legal deals and hosting corporate lunches, or after hours it’s the perfect place to belly up to the  grown up bar if you are in need of a lawyer –in either your public or personal life!  We are jazzed up about the decadent, robber baron dinner entrees, even if the lunch menu is a little more prosaic (gourmet tomato bisque and grilled cheese, the requisite salads, daily grind Angus burger, a BLT, fish cheek tacos, a lobster roll etc.). Best of all, you don’t have to be a member of the bar to actually saddle up to this bodacious bar!

Article 14, 1180 Peachtree Street, open Mon.-Fri. 11AM-11PM; Sat.-Sun. 5-11PM.