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Drink Crush:

April 20, 2011

Liquid Spice

The new snap in your sips

By Nancy Staab

Ginger-spiked cocktails gives summer sips a decided kick. Here’s where to get these addictive libations at local Atlanta watering holes.

The Ginger Snap at 4th and Swift The Ginger Snap at 4th and Swift

Pungent, sweet and spicy, with a decided kick, it’s no wonder local mixologist have taken a shining to ginger-laced cocktails of late--as evidenced in the recent revival of the retro Moscow Mule (Oprah’s favorite). This wonder-root has been used throughout history as a spice, stimulant and important element of folk medicine from Burma to Bangladesh, Jamaica to Corfu. Sip a ginger-infused drink and savor its, well, bracing snap at these local watering holes.

4th and Swift:  

The Ginger Snap: ginger-infused vodka, raw ginger, lemon, house cinnamon syrup

Serpa’s True Food:

Moon’s Back Porch:  Homemade lemonade with Absolut Vodka and Manuel’s Ginger Beer


Ginger Eve:  fresh-squeezed Ellijay apple juice, bourbon and ginger


The Verve: Remy cognac, fresh pomegranate, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger, splash of soda

Ginger Margarita at Market. Photo by Lauren Rubinstein Ginger Margarita at Market. Photo by Lauren Rubinstein

JCT. Kitchen: 

Ginger Jack Rose:  Laird’s Applejack, house-made grenadine, lemon, Domaine de Canton ginger liquer

H. Harper Station:  

Wooden Teeth:  Old Overholt Rye, Cocchi Apertive Americano, ginger, house-made vanilla cream soda

Top Flr:  

The Byrne:  Lanazul Blanco Tequila, lime, jalepeno ginger syrup, orange bitters


Ginger Daisy:  bourbon, chartreuse, pernod, egg  whites, lemon, ginger beer

Leon’s Full Service:

Bitter and Stoned: beefeater gin, house apricot-ginger liqueur, lemon, cynar, house grapefruit bitters

Holeman and Finch:  

The Sip of Sanction 4:  White rum, fresh lime and lemon juice, Bechrovka (a Czech bitters), simple syrup, fresh grated ginger root


Ginger Provisions:  gin, fresh blood orange juice, triple sec, orange bitters, lemon juice, and fresh pieces of ginger

The Rail Kitchen & Bar:

Ginger Rosemary Lemon Drop:  Absolut Citron, ginger, rosemary, lemon


Gigi Says:  Hangar Vodka, fresh ginger, squeeze of lime, served short on the rocks

Flip, Spice Market and Market:  

Ginger Margarita: Each of these eateries delivers it’s own spin on the classic margarita, spiced up with the flavor of ginger

Miller Union, Sound Table and Abattoir:

All three of these establishments serve up the classic drink Moscow Mule (circa 1940-50’s) with ginger beer, vodka and limes.