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March 28, 2012

T. Fable Jeon and Julia LeRoy Plot a Unique Drinks Den in Decatur

This Just In: A New, Independent Resto to Come from Two of Atlanta’s Top Rising Talents. Think Craft Bar Meets Deep South Diner

By Nancy Staab

Julia LeRoy is a chef’s chef and T. Fable Jeon (who is something of a fabled figure in local cocktail culture) is a mixologist’s mixologist, so when these culinary creatives pitch an original, new, homegrown, chef-owned concept for Atlanta, we are all ears. The pair is proposing a creative/casual “cocktail bar/deep South diner” that serves up fried bologna sandwiches alongside craft cocktails with homemade ingredients. We like it! Here’s a tantalizing amuse bouche of what’s to come.

The Pinewood Tippling Room


Chef Julia LeRoy Chef Julia LeRoy

We just got the initial press release for The Pinewood Tippling Room, the new joint project of chef Julia LeRoy and mixologist T. Fable Jeon late last night, and couldn’t wait to post the news, so please excuse us if a few details are missing. We will update as the news comes it, but it seems like beloved former Bookhouse Pub chef  LeRoy (who cut her teeth at The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead Dining Room and five-star Seeger’s) and mythic mixologist T. Fable Jeon (of SoundTable and recently named one of “10  Mixologists to Watch” by Beverage Media Network) are cooking up a charming tippling room with clever snacks  in the bubbling culinary hotpot of Decatur. LeRoy is listed as consulting chef and Jeon as  barkeep, but he's also co-owner, so this is very much his baby."This is the cocktail concept I have daydreamed of for some time," says Jeon. "I sought Julia to assist me by bringing her particularly impressive breadth of talents and skills to our table. I cannot wax poetically enough about Julia LeRoy."


The concept according to the official press release: “inventive, Southern-inflected victuals and potables in a comfortable, warm atmosphere. Part cocktail bar, part Deep South diner, The Pinewood aims to take the pretension out of the craft bar/ gastropub model with a creative, yet relaxed approach to food.” In fact Jeon shys away from even the use of the word "gastropub" in connection to his nuanced project.


The former Cakes & Ale space The former Cakes & Ale space

On the menu:  “A small-plate menu of…reinterpreted Southern classics like fried green tomatoes, venison, sweet potatoes, and a re-imagined fried bologna sandwich." We also hear they may be reprising LeRoy's funnel cakes made famous from her stint at Bookhouse Pub. Meanwhile,  the “ambitious cocktails”  under Jeon's mastery, will be concocted with “freshly squeezed juices and house-made syrups, tinctures, infusions and sodas.” An early reciple leaked on Pinewood's Twitter account celebrates the PInewood Cup: White Dog moonshine, ginger, kumquat, strawberry, blueberries, castor sugar, rhubarb bitters and bitter lemon soda.


What is a tippling room, say you?  A house in which liquors are sold in small quantities to be drunk on the premises. In other words, a more formal, civilized word for a bar, that has connotations of quaint hospitality, and with the emphasis on the quaffs--though with LeRoy as consulting chef, The Pinewood's grub will not be discounted. The term tippling, i.e. drinkng, dates back to late 1700's In England. How droll!


The Pinewood Tippling Room will occupy the former Cakes & Ale space at 254 West Ponce de Leon Avenue and is slated to open late spring.  

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