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Cheap Fares:

October 11, 2011

Victory Meal

Hipster sandwich shop is easy on the wallet

By Nancy Staab

Substantial sandwiches with playful names and bourbon slushies served in little Mason jars are the draw at this sleeper-hit sammie shop in Inman Park

The Beast on Yeast sandwich The Beast on Yeast sandwich

Tucked away on a little side street of Highland Ave, Victory Sandwich Bar offers a pocket-sized, hipster haven replete with a vintage motorbike as a prop, ample deck for hanging out and catching up on your latest issue of Nylon, and a chill-lax sign that reads “Sit Down, We’ve Got You Covered.” Actually before you sit down, you need to place your order at the bar. While the menu is modest, the menu items are not-- small but hearty selection of about eight playfully-named sandwiches such as  Lamborghini (salami, cappicolla, speck, fontina cheese and salsa verde) and The Hambo (prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula, apple and reduced balsamic)…and that’s about it.  Don’t miss the Beast on Yeast:  warm, homemade pot roast with horseradish crème on a soft bun or the Victory at Sea: lemony tuna with chick peas served in a flour-dusted pocket brioche. At $5 for a half-sandwich, you might want to spring for two. Sandwiches are served with seriously addictive, spiced potato chips and to wash it all down you simply must order a Jack and Coke slushie, the signature drink of the house, while taking in The Clash-like tunes piped in-house.

 280 Elizabeth Street,  11AM-2AM,

Victory Sandwich Bar Victory Sandwich Bar

A Bourbon Coke Slushie A Bourbon Coke Slushie