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Arty Party:

September 3, 2012

Amy Rader Art Opening

Emerging Art Scene gallery makes a splash

  • Photos by Boon Vong

Atlanta Artist Amy Rader debuts her fashionable new work in collaboration with Alex Martinez and Bill Hallman at a buzzy opening in Castleberry Hill.

Artist Amy Rader (center) and guests Artist Amy Rader (center) and guests

The Invite

The opening of Amy Rader’s new “Aura Series” at the Emerging Art Scene gallery in Castleberry Hills.


The VIPs

Artist/muralist Amy Rader hosted the opening along with her stylish art collaborators: fashion designer Bill Hallman and fashion photographer Alex Martinez


Party Highlights

The artist/muralist Rader, best known for her sexy, moody, large scale murals at Vanquish nightclub and Viande Rouge Steak house, debuted her new series of multi-disciplinary works in Castleberry. An eclectic crowd of art and fashion lovers sipped Cathead Vodka cocktails while admiring the gorgeous works. The high-fashion murals represent an “ode to energy,” while the high-voltage colors were inspired by the Indian Festival of  Color (Holi). The twelve works involve intricate layers of photography, hand drawings, digital media, gold leaf and paint, as well as the fashions of Atlanta designer Bill Hallman and the fashion photography of Ales Martinez. For more info about Rader’s work see:

See LuxeCrush’s previous story on Rader’s glam murals for the Vanquish/Reign nightclubs in Midtown, Atlanta with designer Michael Habachy:">


Designer Michael Habachy (center) and guests Designer Michael Habachy (center) and guests

The works of Amy Rader The works of Amy Rader


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