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January 15, 2012

Crush, Crush!

29 Spa celebrates the wine harvest with a wine crush and beauty open-house

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29 Spa founder Lydia Mondavi played host at The Mansion at Peachtree for a posh wine and spa party

Kelly and Justin Anthony with Lydia Mondavi (center) Kelly and Justin Anthony with Lydia Mondavi (center)

The VIPs

29 Spa and 29 Cosmetics founder Lydia Mondavi, of the Mondavi wine family, played host for this evening of indulgences


The Venue

The elegant 29 Spa within The Mansion at Peachtree, a Rosewood Hotel.


The Highlights

A bevy of wine and spa lovers gathered at 29 Sp at The Mansion to enjoy award-winning Spellbound wines, gourmet bites and luxurious mini spa treatments from makeup applications to massages. On the menu: several special Cabernet Crush seasonal treatments celebrating the grape harvest and utilizing the antioxidant properties of the grape seed.  To get people in the proper mood, an actor dressed as Lucille Ball crushed grapes in a barrel with her bare feet at the entrance to The Mansion (re-creating a classic I Love Lucy episode), while daring guests were allowed the same opportunity within the spa. Among the stylish crowd: Mary Reynolds, Jessica Dauler, Timothy Tew, Dave and Anita Wilbanks,  Justin and Kelly Anthony.

Crush Notes

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