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Arty Party:

January 30, 2012

High Museum Collectors’ Evening

Art, Culture and Competitive Acquisition Bidding

  • Photos by CatMax Photography

Competitive curators and secret ballot casting lead to a suspenseful night of major art acquisitions, including works by some of today’s top international artists.

Curator Michael Rooks and a winning work by KAWS Curator Michael Rooks and a winning work by KAWS

The VIPs

High Museum director Michael E. Shapiro and the museum’s seven curators Michael Rooks, Carol Thompson, Sarah Schleunning, David Brennerman, Bret Abbott, Susan Crawley, and Stephanie Mayer-Heydt played host

The Venue

W. Atlanta Midtown


The Scene-Makers

Among the nearly 300 art connoisseurs: Joan Whitcomb, Frances Bunzl, Sarah Schlesinger, Alex and Kay Summers, Sue Wieland, Paul Hagedorn, Gregor Turk, Phil Sanford, Philip and Melissa Babb, Spring and Tom Asher, Jenai Taylor, Billy Poole, Jana Simmons, Elisa Glazer, Ivy Mills


The Highlights

Arts patrons enjoyed cocktails and gourmet dinner while examining proposed High Museum art acquisitions up-close and chatting with the various curators. A competitive ballot-casting ensued, resulting in three new museum acquisitions by contemporary artist KAWS (aka Brian Donnelly), photographer Hiroshi Sugumoto, and  Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.


The Cause

The annual Collector’s Evening allows for important new art acquisitions to the High Museum’s 12,000-plus-piece permanent collection.

David Brennerman, Allen Robbins, Jenai Taylor David Brennerman, Allen Robbins, Jenai Taylor

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