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January 28, 2013

High Museum Collectors Evening 2013

Art, Culture and Competitive Acquisition Bidding

  • Photos by CatMax Photography

Competitive curators and secret ballot casting lead to a suspenseful night of major art acquisitions.


Jack Sawyer, Christine and Bill Ragland Jack Sawyer, Christine and Bill Ragland

The VIPs

High Museum director Michael E. Shapiro and the museum’s seven curators Michael Rooks, Carol Thompson, Sarah Schleuning, David Brenneman, Bret Abbott, Susan Crawley, and Stephanie Mayer-Heydt played host


The Venue

The Foundry at Puritan Mill


The Highlights

Arts patrons enjoyed cocktails, a gourmet dinner and live music, while examining proposed High Museum art acquisitions up-close and chatting with the various curators. Among the crowd: Radcliffe Bailey, Emily Amy, Paul Hagedorn, Louise Sams, Jack Sawyer, Christine and Bill Ragland, Beth Webb.  After presentations by each curator competitive ballot-casting ensued, resulting in four new museum acquisitions: Sebastião Salgado’s photograph titled “Church Gate Station, Western Railroad Line, Bombay, India” (1995, printed 2012); an African mask by a Pende artist (ca. 1875-1925); George Henry Yewell’s “Self Defense” (1854); and Edmé-Alexis-Alfred Dehodencq’s “Self-Portrait” (ca. 1870).  These works will be on view at the Museum by April 2013. This last acquisition was made possible by the proceeds from the evening’s live auction, which featured luxury lots like world-wide tickets from Delta Airlines and priceless art works selected by the High’s curators.


The Sponsors

Delta Airlines, Sotheby's, Bold American Events


The Cause

The annual Collector’s Evening allows for important new art acquisitions to the High Museum’s 12,000-plus-piece permanent collection.

The American Art curator with one of the winning pieces of art The American Art curator with one of the winning pieces of art


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