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Arty Party:

November 17, 2011

Paper Dolls at Jackson Fine Art

“Works on paper” takes on a new meaning with Jackson’s latest exhibit in Buckhead

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  • Art Images courtesy of Jackson Fine Art

Paper-Cut-Project debuts their Italian Vogue spreads and their sculptural wigs crafted from paper (and commissioned for clients from Cartier to Hermés) for a fashionable opening night

Paper-Cut-Project artists Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk Paper-Cut-Project artists Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk




















The VIPs

Jackson Fine Art director Anna Walker Skillman played host to NYC-based artist Lalla Essaydi and local talents Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk of Paper-Cut-Project for this buzzy opening focused on women, their fashions and their interior lives. LuxeCrush served as the exclusive media sponsor for the event.

The Venue

Jackson Fine Art in Buckhead

A Paper-Cut-Project image by Greg Lotus for Italian Vogue A Paper-Cut-Project image by Greg Lotus for Italian Vogue

The Scene-Makers

A buzzy crowd of art-heavies and beauty lovers braved the rain to catch this triple header show, which included mesmerizing works of Moroccan women by Lalla Essaydi, Italian Vogue photos of models wearing Paper-Cut-Project creations by Greg Lotus, and archival fashion photos from the ’60s.  Two wandering models sporting towering Paper-Cut headdresses added to the atmosphere, while other examples of these meticulous wigs were displayed as sculpture on pedestals. Among the admirers: Andrea Barnwell Brownlee, Carolyn Carr, John Oetgen, Sarah Bentley Powell, Judy Mauldin, John Howard, Kim Zimmerman, Louis Corrigan, Sarah Harris, Robert Tretsch, Lisa Stein, Katie Hobbs, Tommy Taylor, Harriet Leibowitz, Lucinda Bunnen, Wendy Hanson Allen, John Eckel, Johanna Ellis and Don Purcell

Shane Robuck, Kristen Marooney Shane Robuck, Kristen Marooney


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