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September 23, 2011

Rachel Roy at Neiman Marcus

Rachel Roy and surprise guest Olivia Chantecaille bring their Big Apple chic to Atlanta

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Trading beauty tips and showcasing Rachel Roy’s fashion collection, these two NYC beauties breezed into town on a chic streak.

Rachel Roy with models in her spring collection Rachel Roy with models in her spring collection

















The VIPs

Fashions designer Rachel Roy, Beauty mogul Olivia Chantecaille, Host Judy Mauldin in a gorgeous red Rachel Roy sheath dress, Neiman Marcus VP and GM Mark Fillion

The Venue

Neiman Marcus

The Scene Makers

The chic crowd was treated to an informal fashion show of Rachel’s Spring line of brights, stripes and easy polish; a light lunch; and a fashion chat between Roy and Chatecaille. Among the guests:  Danielle Rollins,  Kim Fettig, Cathy Cooper, Melanie Boltax, Anne Holdgrafer, Elizabeth Schulte Roth, Tamara Bowens, Joanne Gross, Emily Amy

The Highlights

Both designer ladies dished about their recent lines and style and beauty tips. Read below for a mini profile of Roy –from her inspirational tweet addiction to her Costume Institute Gala ball gown.

Host Judy Mauldin (left) with Tamara Bowens Host Judy Mauldin (left) with Tamara Bowens

























Famous people she’s dressed: Heidi Klum, Halle Barry and the First Lady.


The Rachel Roy Woman:  “She’s confident, smart, effortless and has a sexiness that comes through in her personality not her clothes


Roy’s maquillage:  “Maybe it’s the Indian in me but I am known for my smoky eye. Right now I am also experimenting with dark brown, lavender and blue shades for the eye.”

A look from Roy's Spring 2011 Collection A look from Roy's Spring 2011 Collection

Current Style Icons: Amy Fine Collins and Lauren Santo Domingo


Past Movie Icons:  Roy’s daughers Ava and Talluah (ages 11 and 3) are named after silver screen starts Ava Gardner and Talluah Bankhead. “Those women were beautiful and strong. You need both qualities.”


Her Costume Institute Gala Dress:  “I designed it in the spirit of Alexander McQueen. It’s nude mesh with rhinestones but when you look closely the rhinestones are safety pins.”


Favorite App:  “I go to Depak Chopra’s Twitter feed for quick doses.”


Her Chill-Out Recipe:  “I have a no electricity/electronics rule after 8PM in my house. Computers/TV/Cell PhoneS off. I light candles and I play music like Sade. Life is all about the little luxuries like candles, music, flowers in the house…my favorites are Peonies.”


On her Fall 2011 Collection:  “It’s about mixing up prints and patterns. The key is to mix fabrics and patterns in the same tone. Look at your outfit in the mirror. If it’s almost “off” but you feel smart and confident in it, than it’s a winner.”




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