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February 17, 2012

Wilmington Trust Philanthropy Luncheon

“Give Smart” was the theme of this capacity-crowd lunch-and-learn

  • Photos by Jim Fitts

Wilmington Trust and the Piedmont Driving Club played host to over 200 of Atlanta’s philanthropic finest for an informative authors’ talk.

Diff Ritchie, Harriet and Dick Boger, Kathy Egan, Russ Kiefer Diff Ritchie, Harriet and Dick Boger, Kathy Egan, Russ Kiefer

The VIPs

Renowned non-profit advisors and co-authors of the book Give Smart, Thomas J. Tierney and Joel L. Fleishman, were the afternoon’s special guests of honors. The two participated in a lively round table discussion on philanthropic strategies with Wilmington Trust’s Tom Rogerson as moderator. Wilmington Trust’s Jack Sawyer and Bill Schwartz played host. Russell Hardin, president of the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, delivered the opening remarks.


The Venue

The Piedmont Driving Club


The Scene-Makers

A veritable “Who’s Who” of the city’s philanthropists, business and civic leaders and non-profit CEOs congregated for the philanthropy-minded talk. Among the guests: Joe Bankoff, Stephanie Blank, Marie Brumley Foster, Nancy Brumley Robitaille, Laura Turner Seydel, Steve Smith, Howard and Victoria Palefsky, Lovette Russell, Cyndae Arrendale, Elizabeth Allen, Kathy Egan, Bob Edge, Cynthia Moreland, Tom Loveless, Rhonda Matheison, Matt Pieper, Kristy Robison, John Eavers, Stephanie Russell, Valerie Levy, Judy Hanegrat, Jim and Sally Morgens, Deborah Harrison, Duff Ritchie.


The Highlights

Originally, Wilmington Trust anticipated 50 guests, but when the RSVP count exceeded 200, the event was moved to the main ballroom of the club. In addition to lunch and an interesting discussion, guests were gifted with their own copy of Tierney and Fleishman’s book Give Smart, which happens to boast  cover jacket blurbs by author Jim Collins, Melinda Gates and CEO of CARE, Helene Gayle. Mr. Tierney is cofounder and chairman of The Bridgespan Group and former chief executive of Bain & Companny. Mr Fleishman is faculty chair of the Duke University Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society and former president of Atlantic Philanthropic Service Company. According to the authors, 80% of the country’s approximately 80,000 family philanthropic foundations were created after 1980!  They also stated that Americans are the most giving of  nations, donating about 2% of the GDP versus the second-most philanthropic country, which comes in at about 0.8% GDP


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