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Décor Values:

September 10, 2012

Design Finds

Rock-candy accessories, fur wallcoverings, a graphic buffet table and glamorous Italian lighting

By Nancy Staab

What caught our curatorial eye this month? Luxe hide wallcoverings by Kyle Bunting, glamorous light fixtures by Terzani, home goods by rock-goddesss jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald and slightly surreal graphic case goods from Fornasetti

Jeweler Kimberly McDonald's gorgeous new housewares collection Jeweler Kimberly McDonald's gorgeous new housewares collection

Kimberly McDonald Home Collection

Long known as the rock goddess of jewelers for her taste in sliced quartz, dazzling geodes, raw diamonds and rock crystal, Kimberly McDonald has now expanded her line to housewares. As expected, stones are still the bedrock of her new collection.  Among the items: agate-based lamps of gorgeous rose quartz with a hand-finished brass base, silk pillows imprinted with swirly stone patterns, and translucent Lucite boxes topped with a chunky rock specimen as the crowning “jewel.”  Other objects include scarves, paper-weights, trays and napkin rings. Select boutiques have already picked up her luxe line, including Bergdorf Goodman, Dallas’ Forty-Five Ten, and Jamie boutique in Nashville. Up next: a private salon for her jewelry and home collections in Los Angeles this fall. In the meantime, you can land her rocks at and locally in Atlanta at Tassels will also stock her home decor line in the future.


Luxe hide wallcoverings from Kyle Bunting Luxe hide wallcoverings from Kyle Bunting

Kyle Bunting Wall Coverings

Kyle Bunting has long been the go-to-source for luxe hide rugs in custom patterns and colors. Now he’s set his sights on wrapping not only floors but also walls in his posh pelts. Think about it: what is more luxurious than swaddling your entire cocoon in textural, hair-on-leather hide from floor-to-ceiling: whether varied, dark chocolate brown pieces in horizontal stripes that resemble wood paneling or elegant herringbone patterns in ivory. Everything from your Aspen chalet to white-on-white master bedroom can get the Bunting treatment.  Custom orders available and the wall coverings come in over 80 colors.


Modern Italian lighting by Terzani Modern Italian lighting by Terzani

Ethereal Lighting by Terzani

Leave it to the Italians, and design firm Terzani in particular, to dream up the next wave in luxe lighting. Taking a cue card from crystal purveyor Swarovski, Terzani has teamed up with several leading artists like Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava and Dodo Arlsan to create a standard of “new elegance” in chandeliers and suspended light fixtures, merging artistry and technology. We love the iridescent “Stream” and dripping “Atlantis” chandeliers while the suspended, translucent crystals of “Mizu” are mesmerizing. Terzani has showrooms in Florence, Italy and Miramar, Florida.


A slightly surreal buffet table from Fornasetti A slightly surreal buffet table from Fornasetti

Graphic Case Goods by Fornasetti

The Italian design house of Fornasetti has faithfully carried on the legacy of its classicist-with-a-wink founder, artist Piero Fornasetti. His trademark style of graphic, mostly black and white images with Greco-Roman motifs or a woman’s face has been re-created ad infinitum via a series of china plates, furnishings, home accessories, scarfs and ties and other fashion items. Recently, house of Fornasetti turned out a new series of buffets that range from austere black-and-white to graphic primary color stripes. Each piece is imbued with some of Fornasetti’s black and white imagery. Our fave: the buffet that juxtaposes a woman’s face with skyscrapers and a Tiffany blue sky.