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Style Voyeur:

May 11, 2011

Inside ATL’s A-List Closets

A peek at 3 ultra-curated collections

By Nancy Staab

  • Photos of Danielle and Stan by Sarah Dorio
  • Photos of Shana and Alex by Sarah Dorio with Alex Martinez

Check out the fab fash stash of these Atlanta tastemakers: Veranda contributing editor Danielle Rollins, stylist and YSL rep. Stan Mukoro of Mukoro Bespoke, noted fashion photographer Alex Martinez and his artist/wife Shana Robbins.

We admit it, we’re more than a little obsessed with immaculately curated closets and the voyeuristic opportunity to peek at their enticing contents.  Check out the fab fash stash of these Atlanta tastemakers: Veranda magazine editor Danielle Rollins, stylist and Yves Saint Laurent representative Stan Mukoro of Mukoro Bespoke, noted fashion photographer Alex Martinez and his wife, the multi-media performance artist Shana Robbins, and your closet envy will take on epic proportions. But who’s to say you can’t steal a few of their closet secrets like a mini fridge festively stocked with pink bubbly, plush pony-hair carpeting and mirrored Old Hollywood glam in the case of Rollins’ romantic boudoir. Or: the sartorial perfection of Mukoro’s color-coded custom shirts and neat drawers of silk-knots--but sexed up with unexpected acquisitions like Burberry’s fierce, straight-off-the-runway, Matrix-worthy leather motorcycle jacket. And then there’s the vintage-meet-“fashion as performance art” flair of the Martinez/Robbins’ utterly boho-glam wardrobe that's stashed within their cool, telephone-factory art loft.

In short, these wardrobe warriors had us at the silk-padded hangers!

Danielle Rollins: The Classicist

The Look:

I dress according to whomever I decide to channel when I wake up. Some days I feel Grace Kelly, some days Marilyn Monroe and some days Talitha Getty. Most days I am classic with a little twist. I prefer background clothes that let my accessories do the work

Style Icons:

Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Catherine Deneuve, Paloma Picasso.



I like a very graceful, subtle glamour. Olivia Palermo, Aerin Lauder, Kate Moss and Viviana Volpicella (style editor Vogue Nippon) also have great individual style in a modern way.

The Labels:

Oscar de la Renta for ladylike looks that are always suitable and always in style. Ralph Rucci, for his architectural homage to women. None of today’s designers can cut an armhole like him. Valentino is always tailored yet feminine and sexy with out being vulgar. YSL for major fashion-–especially the new capsule vintage collection. Lela Rose for quirky, feminine, yet fun pieces with a little throwback charm. Hermès makes great pieces with unbelievable tailoring that really allow accessories to take center stage. I have every single piece of Oscar, Valentino and Chanel that I have ever purchased, either still in rotation or carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue and put up for my daughter, whom I hope one day will want them!


I don’t wear what is “in style.” Instead I focus on pieces that tend to flatter my body: dresses, often in solid colors with v-necks; simple tailored jackets with high armholes; single breasted coats; pants with either a flat-front straight leg with a set-in waistband or in the slim-leg Capri-style; fitted silk blouses or tunics.

Gala Wear:

I tend to favor fantasy outfits. I am not a black dress kind of girl—I love color and drama. I see no point in playing it safe. Give me a bad day and I will show you a great gown! I hate cocktail though--I find it so boring.

I look forward to a day when I am old enough to be an eccentric and wear a ball gown to Publix!


James Jeans in the Twiggy style, no question! They have the perfect snap back and they fit perfectly into boots.



To-Die-For Accessory:

My adorable husband--nothing looks better on my arm!


I adore Sabbia Rosa in Paris for couture lingerie, lovely slip dresses and caftans and little camisoles that I wear all the time. I am also obsessed with Celine right now and love how Phoebe Philo is bringing back such a classic brand in a new modern way. 


I love all jewelry. I am a fanatic about cuff bracelets, bangles by the armload, large rings and oversized bead necklaces worn in piles and piles around my neck. I love dangling gypsy style earrings, thin hoops and anything with a tassel.

I adore anything by Taffin and Verdura always elevates any outfit.

Fashion Faux Pas:

Having an outfit enter the room first—a woman should wear an outfit that lets her shine, rather than the outfit wearing her!

Instant Polish:

Pull hair up in a sleek pony tail or messy bun, throw on great sunglasses, grab a great purse, put on a pair of fabulous shoes— heels are even better. And stand up straight.


I am not a trend follower. I buy one Hermès bag every other year for my birthday. I would rather buy a great purse that will stand the test of time rather than the “it” bag of the season  


I have turned into a teenager and use my iPhone! But I do wear watches sometimes when I feeling a little retro or can remember to put one on. I love a classic Patek Phillipe  

Fashion signature:

I am not sure I want to have one, but I do think most of my friends would say “navy blue.” It is my favorite color to wear.


Always, always Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarin. I have worn it since the year it came out. I layer it with the shower gel and body cream. My children would NEVER tolerate me smelling differently. 

In addition to playing the roles of mother, wife, philanthropist, hostess and contributing editor for Veranda magazine and, Danielle Rollins is currently working on a lavishly illustrated coffee table book about entertaining for Rizzoli

Stan Mukoro: The Sartorialist 

The Look:

My look is effortless like James Bond. Crisp, clean and totally "naff" at all times. Even after a hard day's work my clothes will not be wrinkled or rumpled.

Style Icons:

My father Ted Mukoro, The Duke of Windsor, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig as James Bond, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, The Rat Pack, David Beckham, Lapo Elkann

The Labels:

Tom Ford: I love his meticulousness. You can tell he designs for himself. There is so much passion in his work. Burberry: Oh my, as a kid I always wanted a Burberry trench. It’s the best investment I have ever made because it protects my other clothes.

Burberry introduced gabardine, clothed the first man to reach the South Pole and was commissioned to clothe the British Army in 1914. Who does that?

Ralph Lauren: Every designer needs to take notes from this master of one-stop shopping. He represents consistency and domination of the industry, while still providing great style for any type of man.

Emerging Designer:

I would honestly have to say Sid Mashburn. Sid is a genius.

Go-To Gala Wear:  

Black Tom Ford single-breasted, one-button tuxedo.

Casual Wear:

A pair of jeans (Made and Crafted by Levi’s), crisp fitted dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of comfy loafers

Chic Travel Look:

Unconstructed blazer, polo shirt with collar flying/standing, a pair of jeans and velvet loafers

To-Die-For Accessory:


Statement Jewelry:

My wedding ring

Instant Polish:

A pocket square


Custom velvet loafers by Stubbs and Wooten

Fashion Signature:

Fitted clothing. I believe in the tape measure.

Fashion Faux Pas For Men:  

The square toe shoe

Every Stylish Man Should Own:

A navy blazer  

What You Like To See On The Opposite Sex?

  1. A woman who knows how to walk well in high heels.
  2. Toes not hanging over the front of open-toed shoes.

Best Fashion Find:

The custom Ankara fabric lining in my navy blazer designed by Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa in Lagos, Nigeria  

Fave Fashion Stores:

Selfridges on Oxford Street in London is my all time favorite. Also: Vertice on South Molton Street in London; Sid Mashburn in Atlanta; men's shoes at Neiman Marcus, Houston; Tom Ford, New York.

Lust-Have Runway Item:

Burberry Prorsum's military-inspired trench coat with double wrist straps and double shoulder straps

Best Vintage Piece:

My 1924 pair of Levi's

Power suit:

Single-breasted peak lapel navy suit with a ticket pocket and side vents. Pants with no pleats but 2-inch cuffs.

Most Sentimental Piece In My Closet:  

A couple of pairs of Cesare Paciotti boots that I gave to my older brother Al in 2003

Fave Fashion Era:

The ’60s because of the slim-cut symmetric look 

Fashion-Inspired TV Or Movies:

All of the James Bond movies, The Godfather, The Untouchables, Wall Street and, surprisingly, Hannibal

Fashion Bible:

My mind

Best Fashion Advice:

Fit is authenticity

Stan Mukoro can be contacted at Stan Mukoro Bespoke: 404.704.0740 or He is also the local representative for Yves St. Laurent, GetAndis clippers and Bentley Atlanta.

Alex and Shana: The Haute Hipsters 

The Look:

Shana: 1. Amish/Prairie and Victorian chic. 2. Form-fitting/slouchy/baggy/androgynous all in one. 3. Indigenous and handmade garments.

Alex: Fun, hip.

Style Icons:

Shana: Present: Lou Doillon, Dree Hemingway. Past: Marlene Deitrich, Leigh Bowery.

Alex: One of my style icons is Lapo Elkann: he’s not afraid of using color and wears clothes from the ’40s to the ’70s.

The Labels:

Shana: Alexander McQueen because he was archetypal and visionary; Balmain; Vivian Westwood for her gutsy playfulness and the Olsen twins’ line Elizabeth + James, which is tailored yet loose and earthy.

Alex: Paul Smith because he is fun and colorful, Bill Hallman and Robert Geller for good fits, and Club Monaco.

Emerging Designers:  

Shana: Alex Wang, Rodarte, and E-label, which is by designer friends of mine in Iceland.

Go-To Gala Outfit:

Alex: For summer a seersucker suit and for winter a checkered suit.

Weekend Wear:

Shana:  My weekend wear consists of leggings with NDC gold boots and tunic tops or ceremonial Mexican gowns over shorts for summer. I also like to wear dresses with pants.

Chic Travel Wear:

Alex: I always wear a blazer and a hat.


Shana: Pierce high-waisted jeans.

Alex: Bill Hallman jeans.

To-Die-For Accessory:

Shana: My Marcel Vogel crystal quartz wand necklace.  

Alex:  My to-die-for accessories are a vintage Rolex watch, my Jeff Koons skateboard, and I have these amazing felt pins that I love to fasten to my lapels. One is of a fox, another is an octopus. They add humor and a pop of color.

Statement Jewelry:

Shana: A sterling silver dagger necklace.

Instant Polish:

Shana: Red lipstick or a funny hat.

Alex: A nice pair of thick-framed glasses and colorful socks (never white)!

Best Shoe:

Shana: Chie Mihera electric purple suede

Alex: My Duckie Browns

Favorite Bag:

Alex: A vintage doctor’s bag.

Favorite Fashion Era:

Shana: The 1970s because of the mixture of sexy, romantic (frilly, crochet or lace pieces) and earthy elements (low waisted tight jeans, thick leather belts, brown courduroys).

Best-Dressed Celebs:

Shana: Chloé Sevigny and Bjork are on my best-dressed list

Fashion Bible:

Shana: V, Pop and W magazines.

Fave Fashion Website or Blog:

Shana: The Sartorialist (

Best Fashion Advice:

Shana: Always try to mix masculine and feminine elements to play off one another.

Every Woman Should Own:

Shana: An amazing pair of boots.

Every Man Should Own:

Shana: A fitted vintage suit.

Most Sentimental Fashion Piece:

Shana: My grandmother’s purple tulle couture dress.

My Ideal Closet:

Shana: My ideal closet would be shaped like a cave, encrusted in crystals, with embedded lights, and it would be filled with handmade vintage and one-of-a-kind garments.

My Scent:

Shana: Poison by Dior and Fig Apricot by Fresh.

Alex: Tom Ford Black Orchid

Fashion Signature:

Shana: Earthy Opulence.

Alex: Mixing colors and patterns.

Best Fashion Find:

Shana: A World War II chaplain’s coat from Scott’s Antique Market.

Alex: A checker suit from the ’70s from a vintage store in Chicago.

Fave Fashion Sources:

Shana: Neiman Marcus, Scott’s Antiques Market and Rag-o-Rama.

Alex: Bill Hallman, Sid Mashburn and Gilt Groupe.

Runway Item You Lust For:

Shana: I am still hung up on Alexander McQueen’s jet crystal booties from two seasons ago.

Alex: The new line of men’s shoes from Prada.

If Money Were No Object Splurge:

Alex: A vintage red submariner Rolex.


My Version of a Power Suit:

Shana: A high-waisted ’70s tuxedo with a vest.

Alex: Anything that fits perfectly. I want the suit to feel almost a little too tight. The fit is everything and most guys don’t understand that.



Best Vintage Find:

Shana: A couture poncho gown formerly owned by the actress Shelly Winters.

Go-To Sexy Outfit:

Shana: My white vintage couture jumpsuit with high heels.

Alex has shot high fashion, commercial and editorial projects for many blue-chip clients, including Calvin Klein, Atlantic Records, Jaguar, Kenneth Cole, The New York Times, Vibe magazine, People, and Paramount Pictures.  See more of Alex’s work on his blog: Shana Robbins will  travel to Peru this summer to make lace with indigenous women there in preparation for her solo art show at Beta Pictoris Gallery in Birmingham, AL, this September. She also teaches various painting and performance art courses at SCAD-Atlanta.