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Bespoke Bloke:

April 15, 2013

King of Spade

Jack Spade Boutique Now Open in Westside

By Nancy Staab

Be the King of Spade and cultivate a Prep-Hip look at this new men’s boutique at White Provisions.

Andy and Kate Spade and products from Jack Spade boutique Andy and Kate Spade and products from Jack Spade boutique

Andy Spade is many things: a former advertising exec for firms like Coca-Cola and Lexus; one half of the adorable and quintessentially NYC couple Andy and Kate Spade (the tastemaker couple has been chronicled by The Selby, Tina Barney, and New York magazine); co-founder of the Kate Spade brand; and the creative force behind his own men’s lifestyle brand Jack Spade. Andy’s venture is obviously a lot more masculine than his wife’s counterpart business, but they do share a similar DNA. Both offer American prep with a twist, both employ wit and a dash of whimsy, both summon throwback retro charm, and neither are averse to pops of color.

Now you can inspect his brand of American Prep for yourself, as Jack Spade boutique has just opened in Westside at the White Provisions complex. The hip neighborhood of Westside is quickly morphing into a bastion of men’s style with Sid Mashburn and Billy Reid already presiding over fashion fiefdoms there, and Steve Allen soon to open its doors with men’s and women’s offerings.

Camo swim trunks from Jack Spade Camo swim trunks from Jack Spade

The Jack Spade brand originated around simple man-bags, brief cases, messengers and laptop cases that “were neither overly precious nor boring basics,” according to the company’s website. Travel bags, trench coats and other masculine staples were soon added to the Jack Spade universe, which now purveys accessories, clothing, sunglasses and even clever iPhone cases. You can spring for a herringbone or black boarskin briefcase; boardshorts in a punchy print, a classic tie in the Xavier plaid or a more quirky print of blasting rockets, a sturdy down vest jacket in navy blue, or moss-green suede boat shoes.

The playfulness of the brand comes through in products like a wood-grained iPhone case, cutesy wooden “ice breaker” wooden tokens that read things like “I Apologize”, “I Will Do It” and “My Treat” to dispense when you are in the doghouse with your missus; or ironic but oh-so-polite calling cards that read “Nice Parking” to leave on the windshield of the dude straddling two parking places with his Ferrari. And what to expect of the boutique itself? According to Andy Spade: “A modern haberdashery mixing found furniture, model rockets, vintage Playboys and classic products: Levi’s 501 jeans, Timex military watches, Lacoste tennis shirts and Mackintosh raincoats.” That’s in addition to Jack Spade’s own line, which we like to call “prep-hip.” 

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