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February 10, 2013

Shopping: The Wrap on Romance

Get Heart-Smart with LuxeCrush’s Guide to Lavish Love Tokens

By Nancy Staab

Suffering from Valentine’s Day Brain Freeze? Here’s Some Last-Minute Gifts to Place at Your Personal Love Altar

LuxeCrush's Guide to Valentines Gifts LuxeCrush's Guide to Valentines Gifts

We’ve compiled a little, LuxeCrush-curated list of 50 Valentines gifts ranging from extravagant indulgences (Louis Vuitton’s new Lockit jewelry or a va-va-voom Herve Leger bandage dress the color of red-hots candies) to little luxuries. (Who doesn’t love chocolates, champagne, a leopard print iPad case, macaron-colored soaps, or a hot pink bike helmet?) While most of our presents are for a true lady, we also threw in a few treats for the lads. Sure, the very best love gifts don’t come in packages, but best to hedge your bets with at least one unwrappable…that is, if you are hoping to do some kind of unwrapping of your own that day…

Click the slideshow below for 50 Valentines Gift Ideas, plus where to get them and pricing for each item as available