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January 26, 2012

Street Cred.

Chris K., Westside, Atlanta

  • Photographed and created by Jason Travis

Introducing our new fashion column Street Cred: a dissected look at Atlanta’s style tribes & their sources, captured on the street by noted photographer Jason Travis.

How would you describe your style?
Comfortable and simple. I can grab anything out of my closet with my eyes closed and it will make sense. Nothing too out of the ordinary or loud. Your clothes shouldn't have to do the talking.

Main design influence?

Favorite place to shop?
I hate shopping. I enjoy thrifting a lot, but I'm not gonna give away any treasure spots, but they're all OTP. Thrifting guy's clothes is so easy. Most guys don't know what they have, so you can find old Polo or H. Stockton or great shoes at most thrift stores if you put in the hours. Besides that, most of my clothes come from work [Sid Mashburn].

Your Look Dissected:
Watch: Timex/ Shirt: Sid Mashburn / Cardigan: Sid Mashburn / Tie: Sid Mashburn / Jeans: Levi's / Glasses: Moscot / Shoes: Sid Mashburn