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February 6, 2012

Street Cred.

Donald B., Georgia Tech

  • Photographed and created by Jason Travis

Introducing our new fashion column Street Cred: a dissected look at Atlanta’s style tribes & their sources, captured on the street by noted photographer Jason Travis.

How would you describe your style?

My dad always distinguished fashion from style. Fashion was always art to me, and just like art, it can be a love/hate relationship. But style describes you, it develops as you develop. There was this stint when my dad had to hold down two jobs; one of them was selling women's shoes at Nordstrom. His style always matched the dynamics of his day - always professional enough to walk into just about anywhere and always relaxed enough to let him work. His style naturally rubbed off on me a bit, but I spin more flare onto classic looks. My style is usually dapper with some urban accents.


Main design influence?

I'm pulling a lot from Pharrell Williams these days. The guy has become more astute in his eye for detail and he is branching off into so many influences.

I think he has progressed from the ice cream days and is showing us how casual being put together can be with a few key pieces. I'm also on The Satorialist's blog weekly.


Favorite place to shop?

Wish  on Moreland in Little 5 and Sid Mashburn on the Westside are great for inspiration and for finding something uniquely your own, but shopping in Wicker Park/Bucktown in Chicago is always fun. You can jump from bespoke to local designers to big brand without having to go far and the crowd is always interesting. It's always a good feeling to pick up a project piece from a local designer  attempting to make a big leap.

Your look dissected:

Shirt: Catou by Berny Martin with monogrammed cuff / Cardigan: Vintage / Jeans:  Levis 511 Skinny Commuter Jeans / Shoes: Jordan Prime 5 / Glasses: Warby Parker / Watch: Marc Ecko / Trench: Catou by Berny Martin / Hat: Bailey